Caribbean Sharing Platter for Two (V.)

Caribbean Sharing Platter for Two (V.)

This delicious vegetarian sharing platter is full of vibrant Caribbean flavours and bold spices that'll be perfect washed down with a can of Red Stripe or one of Calypso's many Caribbean cocktails. You'll be enjoying Grilled halloumi​,​ Caramelised sweet potato​,​ Bajan bakes​,​ Falafel​,​ Hummus​,​ Flatbread​,​ Corn on the cob​,​ Bajan Mac 'n' Cheese and a fresh and crunchy side salad. And if that wasn't enough for you​,​ everything is served with triple cooked fries​,​ or rice 'n' peas - whichever you'd rather. Once you've finished sharing this delightful platter you can look up to the blackboard and choose one of their seasonal fresh sweet treats included in your date.


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Location Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1, UK

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  • EJ

    Me and my friends ordered 3 sharing plates as a triple-friend-date and it couldn't have been better! The food was incredible (so much of it), friendly staff and the atmosphere was great too! Would definitely recommend!

    Eleanor JJanuary 2019

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