Cosy Gaming experience, Pizza and Drinks

Cosy Gaming experience​,​ Pizza and Drinks

Platform is all about good vibes​,​ delicious cocktails and pure​,​ unadulterated video game fun! From Jan 21st 2020 to 18th February 2020​,​ grab your partner in crime for a romantic feast and some seriously retro gaming vibes. Date night goals. Drinks to delight​,​ divine pizza to share and a cosy get together on the SNES. Do you wanna play? Love Potion aperitif Pizza sharing board 2 drinks Dessert o Peanut butter brownie with ice cream (VG​/​GF) o Chocolate brownie with ice cream Reserved hour on the SNES


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Location 2b Worship St, Finsbury, London EC2A 2AH, Royaume-Uni

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