Courtesan Sunday Soirée 7PM 1st March

Courtesan Sunday Soirée 7PM 1st March

Be seduced together by an evening of sumptuous serenade hosted by Italian soprano Melania Maggiore & West End leading man Tim Rogers. Diners will be delighted with exquisite gems from the worlds of Music Theatre​,​ Opera​,​ Cabaret​,​ Swing​,​ and Pop​,​ all the while enjoying the finest Dim Sum and the most exotic cocktails​,​ all set in the uniquely magical setting of the Courtesan. With a hand-picked selection of the finest guest artists performing music from Les Mis to La Boheme​,​ Carmen to Chicago​,​ Ratpack to Rigoletto… Sundays will never be the same.


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Note: Sunday 1st March starts 7pm


Location 69 Atlantic Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8PU, UK

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