Crystal's & Crystal Elixirs

Crystal's & Crystal Elixirs

16th February Learn how to pick the perfect crystal for your home and incorporate them into your self-care ritual. Our workshop leader​,​ Gemma​,​ will start the session with an introduction to crystals and the impact they can have in our lives​,​ so you can begin to understand how best to work with them. Gemma will then explain how to pick the perfect crystal for your current needs​,​ and where to place them in the home. You will also learn how to care for your crystal and the different ways you can work with it. Once the foundation is set​,​ it is time to start making crystal elixirs which are the perfect way to maximise the benefits of different crystals. Previous participants have really enjoyed learning what elixirs they can make and how they can help you. Whether you suffer from stress and anxiety​,​ want to feel more abundant​,​ improve your health​,​ or have a goal you are working towards​,​ you name it​,​ there’s a crystal elixir that can help. You will be guided through the easy steps involved​,​ so you can make your own elixirs at home. Then Gemma will gift everyone a mini elixir mist​,​ so you can make your own crystal infused essential oil roller to take away with you. You will go home knowing: Why crystals are so good for us How to pick the perfect crystal for your home What crystals have specific healing properties The different ways to work with your new crystal How to cleanse a crystal How to make a crystal elixir What crystals to add to elixirs What crystals you shouldn’t add to an elixir How to use elixirs How to make a crystal elixir essential oil roller What you will go away with: 1 x Crystal elixir essential oil roller 1 x Mini crystal elixir mist 1 x Tumblestone crystal of your choice The chance to win a beautiful Crystal Cluster In-depth handouts A hot drink and a slice of cake from the team at Drink​,​ Shop & Do Who is the workshop for? Whether you have never bought a crystal before​,​ or you have a room full of them​,​ this workshop will help take your knowledge to the next level. You do not need any previous experience working with crystals​,​ all you need to know is that you’re drawn to them​,​ and you would like to learn more. Can I bring along my own crystals? We recommend using the crystals we provide for making your essential oil roller. However​,​ you are welcome to bring along your own crystals if you would like to find out more about how you can work with them. Tell me about the workshop leader? Workshop leader Gemma Petherbridge​,​ is a wealth of knowledge on all things crystals. A Crystal Therapist herself​,​ she has been working with them for years. In that time she has refined and simplified how to interpret these semi-precious stones. In her workshops​,​ she likes to add in some science where possible​,​ so people can start to understand there is so much more to crystals than you may expect.


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Note: February 16th ONLY - more dates to be added soo.


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