Peckham Street Art & Craft Beer Tour

Peckham Street Art & Craft Beer Tour

Spend an afternoon walking around the streets of East Dulwich and Peckham viewing some amazing pieces of street art from artists such as Conor Harrington​,​ Stik​,​ Remi Rough​,​ System​,​ Dscreet​,​ Mear One​,​ AP​,​ ROA MAD C​,​ Phlegm​,​ Walter Kershaw and Mehdi Ghadyanloo. Then it's onto Brick Brewery for a beer to finish off the day. We'll meet at Brick Brewery and head out on the the streets of Peckham and East Dulwich viewing some amazing pieces of street art. Learn about the inspiration behind the pieces and how they are linked to the old masters. You'll discover how the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery project was started by Ingrid Beazley and world class street artists. We'll stop for drinks at Brick Brewery when we return. Finish off the day by heading down to Brew by Numbers Barrel Project in Peckham for a farewell beer.


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Note: Duration: 3 hours


Location E Dulwich Rd, East Dulwich, London, UK

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