Pickled Brisket for Two

Pickled Brisket for Two

Pickled Brisket is Bristol's only salt beef bar​,​ and boy is it good! Their beef is cured for two weeks​,​ slow cooked for twelve hours and served on bread from a local family bakery. Every single one of these sandwiches is fit to grace a plate in any New York deli. On this date​,​ you and your partner will receive a sandwich and a drink each​,​ along with a side of their famous homemade Kraut​,​ pickled red cabbage and kimchi. We definitely recommend choosing two different sandwiches so you can split and share them! Here's what you can expect... Veggie Sauerkraut​,​ pickled red cabbage​,​ house pickleback slaw​,​ Russian dressing​,​ blow torched West Country cheddar​,​ gherkins & mustard Bull Horn Salt beef​,​ sauerkraut​,​ pickled red cabbage​,​ blow-torched West Country cheddar​,​ mustard & gherkins Reuben Salt beef​,​ sauerkraut​,​ Russian dressing​,​ blow-torched Swiss cheese​,​ mustard & gherkins Pastrami Turkey Reuben Pastrami​,​ Turkey​,​ salt beef​,​ sauerkraut​,​ Russian dressing​,​ blow-torched Swiss cheese mustard & gherkins Southerner Salt beef​,​ house pickleback slaw​,​ blow-torched Monterey Jack & chipotle ketchup


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Note: Mon-Weds 12-3pm, Thurs & Sun- 12-4pm, Fri & Sat 12-6pm


Location Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1, UK

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