Sushi Workshop Supper Club

Sushi Workshop Supper Club

You can’t really beat freshly made sushi​,​ especially if you’ve made It yourself! This amazing workshop will start off with a hands on demo where you will learn the essentials of making sushi… you will learn how to; cook the sushi rice to perfection​,​ prepare all of the ingredients​,​ some fine sushi knife skills and then to end you’ll construct your masterpieces. Don’t forget this is Bring Your Own Booze so feel free to bring a tipple to enjoy with your creation at the end. What you'll leave with: - Fish handling skills - A great insight into sushi prep - A deeper understanding of sushi knife skills


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Note: 12th March- 7pm-9pm 20th March- 12pm-2pm 23rd March- 7pm-9pm 14th April- 7pm-9pm 5th May- 7pm-9pm 31st May- 3pm-5pm 8th June- 7pm-9pm 19th June- 7:30pm-9:30pm 18th July- 11am-1pm 1st August- 10am-12pm 19th August 7pm-9pm 17th October- 10:30-12:30pm 25th October- 8pm-10pm 3rd November- 7pm-9pm 30th November- 12-2pm 7th December- 7pm-9pm


Location 3 Enterprise Way, London SW18 1FZ, UK

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