Cycle the City

Cycle the City

On this date​,​ you and your partner will have the chance to explore Bristol by bike. And what better way? Bristol is the UK's most bike-friendly city​,​ after all. You'll be provided with lightweight​,​ hybrid bikes which have plenty of gears and puncture-proof tyres. They're perfect for long distances and steep hills​,​ or just pottering around the town. Why not head down the cycle path with a picnic to Bath​,​ or along the water to the iconic suspension bridge? The possibilities are endless​,​ as there are heaps of car-free paths and flat routes taking you to the countryside​,​ coast or around the city. You'll be given: bicycle and a lock; recommendations and maps; and helmets (if required). You'll need to bring with you a form of I.D​,​ along with a bank card.


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Note: Wednesday-Sunday 10am-5:30pm. This price is for a whole days rental.


Location 1 Canon's Rd, Bristol BS1 5UH, UK

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