Jerk Sharing Plate & Dessert

Jerk Sharing Plate & Dessert

Met someone who isn’t a jerk​,​ and likes Jerk? Then this Caribbean foodie evening is the perfect date idea for you. Head to Calypso Kitchen for a proper feed. On this date​,​ you'll receive a sharing platter groaning with family recipe​,​ Caribbean style food including Curry goat​,​ Jerk BBQ chicken wings​,​ boneless Jerk fried chicken in breadcrumbs​,​ BBQ Jerk pulled pork​,​ slaw​,​ corn on the cob and all served with a fresh side salad. This is a get-in-with-your-hands and wipe-sauce-from-your-mouth kinda meal​,​ perfect for couples who aren’t afraid to get a bit messy! Once you've finished sharing this delightful platter​,​ you can each choose a dessert from their blackboard. As these are fresh and seasonal these vary day by day - but we can guarantee they'll be delicious!


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