ebike Brighton Coast and Forest

ebike Brighton Coast and Forest

This date is one for the thrill seekers! A top a mountain ebike​,​ you and your partner will explore the coastal and forest trails on this exciting active date. With a variety of routes available​,​ you'll join a friendly guided group to experience the beautiful landscape of the Sussex coastline. Expect lunch breaks in beautiful villages; historic sights and breathtaking views. The details: Ride from Seaford train station along the Cuckmere River to the historic village of Alfriston or take the Rathfinny Winery route out to the top of the South Downs​,​ taking in views of the North Downs. Then you'll head downhill for a well-deserved lunch break in the historic village of Alfriston. After lunch you take either the Friston Forest route to see some World War II bomb holes located in the heart of the forest (you can choose to ride down them!!) or the easier route along the road to the Seaford Cliffs to view the famous Seven Sisters. A short ride back to Seaford train station taking in views of Seaford and the surrounding views from the top of Seaford Cliffs. Pictures are a must here. Ride time is around 3 hrs we can do as much or little riding as you like as everyone has different levels of ability. Allow at least 5 Hrs or more for the total ride and train. Brighton to Seaford is 30 mins by train and cost £3.30 return. Bikes travel on the train. Ebikes: https://www.cube.eu/uk/products/e-bike-fullsuspension/stereo-hybrid/cube-stereo-hybrid-160-hpa-action-team-500-275-2016/


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Location 8 Melville Rd, Hove BN3 1TH, UK

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