Gin Cocktail Cruise

Gin Cocktail Cruise

We will see how Gin has changed our drinking habits​,​ our society and even our language Each attendee will receive 7 drinks aboard 2 long and refreshing Gin and Tonics​,​ and 5 cocktails designed to show how versatile the Gins we utilise are​,​ and how varied the category has become. Cocktails will vary with seasons and Gin brands. The cruise lasts 3 hours and we feed everyone aboard our cruises​,​ and on the Gincident the food takes the form of huge sharing platters of cured meats and cheeses​,​ freshly baked bread​,​ chutneys​,​ crackers​,​ pickled bits​,​ and balsamic onions…Summer on a board and a treat for the senses. *We pick up from Castlefield Bowl and depart at 7pm.


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Note: We do not sail every Friday. These are the only dates that are available to book. All cruises depart from Castlefield Bowl at 7pm... 13/03, 27/03, 17/04, 29/05, 12/06


Location Rice St, Manchester M3 4JR, UK

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