Street art history of the Northern Quarter, and donuts!

Street art history of the Northern Quarter​,​ and donuts!

The original alternative walking tour looking at public and street art in the NQ​,​ this is known as an anti-tour because it goes into a bit more depth than traditional tours - so it's one for thinkers and curious minds and people who love cities. Plus we stop off halfway to pick up some Siop Shop* donuts​,​ some of the best donuts in the country (vegan options available) The full tour write-up: The Modern History of the Northern Quarter is an ‘anti-tour’ for explorers and urbanists who want to delve a little deeper into the city. It’s a tour for those interested in the city's counterculture with an authentic voice from that scene​,​ told through its street art. Discussing not only triumphs in architecture and heritage but real issues facing the city today from social justice to public spaces. The tour tracks the transformation of the Northern Quarter since the 1970s when it was in decline in the wake of our first American-style shopping mall​,​ the Arndale Centre​,​ opening. The area​,​ the one with the highest density of protected buildings in the city​,​ was cited by cultural icon Tony Wilson in the early 90s as being 'our fucking Detroit' owing to a mass evacuation of businesses. Abandoned and ruined it was the public art that turned the area around from 1998 onwards. The tour discovers that original ceramic art trail and uses more modern street art in order to weave together the narrative. We'll also take a look at the use of the NQ as a popular film location and if we're lucky​,​ spot some filming. I also team up with some local businesses including Trof NQ and Grub to offer tour guests 10% off food in these venues so if you wanted to head elsewhere afterwards you can grab a tasty bargain! *Siop Shop is closed on Mondays so any bookings made for Mondays mean we'll head elsewhere for something equally as tasty!


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Location Shudehill, Manchester M4, UK

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