On occasion, we like to add our own stand out dates, or sometimes, we like to take care of the bookings for our hosts for a short period. So book with us, we'll then do the hard work and confirm with you all once it's all booked in! It's just like your own personal concierge service!

Reviews from Guests (2)

  • AD

    The lack of organisation in confirming / responding to my request and actually organising a venue was poor. It took until the day of the date to actually book it in and took several chases from me to motivate a response, bearing in mind it was a Thursday and I’d booked it on the Friday before. Having said that, Roma was fantastic on the date itself and we had a really good time. We got to take our paintings away and we had lots of fun. Matt, at datemakers, was also very kind and friendly. I’d be worried about using them again, albeit everything came together in the end. Communication and the organisation of this is vital and I just didn’t feel there was enough organisation, so much so that I had to suggest a venue where I had a back up plan should it not get organised in time.

    Andy DNovember 2019

  • SF

    Pete was really friendly and knowledgeable about cider, felt like we got a lot for our money and learned something new in a relaxed & intimate environment. It’s also perfectly placed to go have dinner afterwards - Wapping Wharf is a gem.

    Steph FNovember 2018

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